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January 21, 2013
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Ban Sai Mecha Outline by ShiningForceKaya Ban Sai Mecha Outline by ShiningForceKaya
Edit: Lineart DONE!!!!
Just an idea I had for the Banzai mascot contest... I struggle with any ideas until.... I was at work looking at all the fun and weird instruments (for surgery) a coworker and I had to sort out and do inventory on. I noticed a stack of catalogs and examples of x-rays of different implants and such when it donned on my if they had some for horses.... that led to reminding me of cyborg animals... which led to this sketch. yeah, that's about it.

Please tell me what you think and if it works well with the mecha theme.

(Side note)
Ban's design also helped me come up with a way a centaur cosplay would work, (front feet anyways) but imagine a high heel (with a large base to begin with (like a hoof) without the heel part. TADA, a horses hoof, only it would require lots of balance and standing on ones toes, but it would only a shining force centaur to cosplay....

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